By | 29th January 2020

The Great Volvo story – Back in August 2019 I purchased a Volvo 240 GL 2.0 Auto. With 85,000 on the odometer and a price tag of £1700, how could I resist?

The craving started when I noticed the beautifully boxy 240 in a movie. From there, I knew I had to try and acquire one for myself. I began the search on AutoTrader, but when 5 months of searching yielded nothing eye catching, or within my budget, I widened the search to ClassicCars and eBay.

Then bingo, after about a year of searching, a perfect 240 GL shows up on eBay. The condition is more than acceptable and so is the price. The description talks of new timing belt, ball joints, spark plugs and also, a skimmed head. Although the thought of a skimmed head may raise alarm with some, I wasn’t deterred.

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